Our offer

Rescue and firefighting equipment service

We provide specialized solutions tailored to the requirements of people, the environment and equipment. We offer proven equipment of the highest quality.

We perform services within the scope of:

  • servicing and repairing of rescue and firefighting equipment.
  • sale of the highest-quality equipment (a wide range of products and spare parts) of reputable companies i.e. Dräger, MSA, 3M, FASER, Vetter, Ogniochron, Boxmet, Supon.
  • equipment rental:
    • gas masks,
    • line breathing apparatus (AT4M, AT47 Bryza),
    • mobile air banks,
    • escape packages,
    • carbon dioxide and powder extinguishers,
    • fire blankets,
    • gas meters (single-gas ALTAIR H2S and multi-gas ALTAIR 4X).

By our concern for the highest level of safety we offer:

  • Dräger – air apparatus, line breathing apparatus, escape apparatus, overalls protecting against hazardous substances, gasproof clothes, tests of breathing air in bottles, filling of air bottles, Office of Technical Inspection [UDT] legalisation of bottles etc,
  • MSA – air apparatus, line breathing apparatus, gasproof clothes, calibration of ALTAIR meters, sale and overhaul of equipment protecting against falling from height,
  • 3M – gas masks,
  • FASER – air apparatus and line breathing apparatus,
  • Vetter – plugs, airbags and tool equipment.

  • Ogniochron – powder, carbon dioxide and foam extinguishers and units,
  • Boxmet, Supon – internal hydrants, hydrant hoses, safety cabinets for extinguishers, extinguisher racks.

  • Protekt – safety harnesses, ropes, retractable type fall arresters etc.
  • MSA – full harnesses, lanyards with shock absorber, anchoring fasteners, retractable type fall arresters and fixed protections against falling.

  • MSA - ALTAIR series meters (calibration).

We also make fire safety protections:

  • fireproof protection of steel structures with intumescent coating based on expoxides by International - Chartek system (we are a certified service),
  • designing, assembly/installation and servicing of automatic fire alarm systems and extinguishing systems by Schrack Seconet Poland with the use of Novec 1230 fire suppression agent.

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