Our offer

Environment protection consulting

ORLEN Eko offers professional consulting services, assistance and fulfilment of obligations arising from the environmental law (polish law and EU directives) to interested parties.

We offer the following within the consultancy services:

  • outsourcing service:
  • sssessment of conformity related to functioning of business entities to environmental protection provisions:
  • environmental documentation within the scope of particular environmental components:
    • requests for environmental permits: integrated permits, initial reports, permits required by Water Law Act, emission into air, waste management:
    • Iivestment process: project information sheets, reports on planned projects’ impact on the environment - to obtain a decision on environmental conditions, post-realisation analyses;
  • preparation of remediation plan drafts:
  • ground and water environment reconnaissance.

Leak Detection And Repair System

In order to respond to changing provisions of law ORLEN Eko experts in environmental protection implement the LDAR (Leak Detection And Repair) system in production plants. It is a modern system detecting and repairing potential leaks on industrial installations. Full realisation and implementation of the system is a multi-stage process which must be introduced on a successive basis on particular installations and must end in lower emission into the environment.

Implementation of the LDAR system and introduction of monitoring for fugitive emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) occurring in many industrial sectors, and in particular in crude oil refining sectors in the form of vapours and gases are consistent with legislation of the European Commission. These provisions refer to application of the best available technologies by firms (BAT - Best Available Technology) in industry. Apart from determination of emissions, the superior objective of these guidelines is to prevent them. This in turn has a positive influence on enhancing comfort of staff members and operators, improving process safety, decreasing an impact on the local environment as well as reducing potential losses.

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