Our offer

Cleaning of industrial installations

We clean industrial installations and tanks of petroleum, asphalt and tar products. Safe for the environment and in accordance with regulations.

Our offer includes cleaning of:

  • industrial installations,
  • tanks/containers,
  • pipelines,
  • apparatus,
  • sewage system,
  • railway tankers (including washing),
  • tank trucks (including washing).

We render services both for entities from ORLEN Group and for external parties. While performing the aforementioned tasks, ORLEN Eko has an appropriate and modern infrastructure as well as fully trained and qualified personnel.

Highly qualified staff members work in the Cleaning and Transport Service Department, possessing very long experience in provision of services including cleaning of industrial apparatus installations. We are capable of performing works e.g. in explosion danger zones (high-pressure washing devices, EX fans, pumps driven by compressed air).

We possess:

  • 3 specialised gully emptiers,
  • 2 high-pressure units on MAN car chassis,
  • 3 trailers with installed WOMA high-pressure pumps,
  • vacuum loader of KOKS type,
  • hot water high-pressure unit.

Our fleet and equipment as well as branches in Płock and Trzebinia enable us to serve customers and perform entrusted tasks within time adapted to running needs of an interested party.

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