Our offer

Monitoring of the natural environment

ORLEN Eko provides professional services including monitoring and analysis of the natural environment. We have two teams: in Płock and in Włocławek.

We specialise in monitoring of:

  • underground waters, surface waters, pool water and wastewater,
  • soil,
  • emission of waste-gases and dust into air by means of portable exhaust-gas analysers,
  • work environment,
  • storage sites,
  • fugitive emission (optical method and detection),
  • recultivation of soil-cum-water environment.

We perform works and draw up of documentation, including:

  • screening measurements of fugitive emission,
  • numerous drilling works and tests of soil and water state as well as air emission in production plants,
  • regulatory tests for improvement of combustion emission on installations,
  • conducting a number of measurements of emission into air, noise and work environment.

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